Dead or dying trees put a damper on any home’s outdoor aesthetic. Not only this, but dead trees can pose all sorts of risks to surrounding structures.

If you have a tree that you suspect is dead but you want to be certain it’s dead before calling a crew to come and remove it, here are 5 signs to look for that indicate that your tree is dead.

telling if tree is dead

5 Signs That Your Tree is Dead or Dying

How can I tell that a tree is dead? Here are 5 dead giveaways.

1. The Branches are Dead

One of the most obvious indicators of a dead tree is bare or dead-looking branches. If branches have no living buds and are bare during the time of year that they should be blossoming or leafy, this is a solid indicator that your tree is dead.

2. The Trunk has Cracks in it

Another way to tell if your tree is dead is to inspect the trunk. Look for vertical cracks surrounding the trunk as these indicate a great deal of damage to your tree and decrease the likelihood that it will come back.

3. The Tree is Leaning

Is your tree leaning to one side? If your tree is noticeably leaning this indicates that it is likely suffering root or trunk damage. The damage that results in a leaning tree is often severe and doesn’t give much hope of the tree recovering.

4. There is Bark Peeling From the Trunk

Another way to tell if your tree is dead is to inspect the bark. The bark that is right below the outer bark layer should be green. If you pull back the outer layer of bark to discover dry and discolored brown bark your tree is likely dead.

5. There is Fungus Growth

Fungus growth on the trunk or branches of a tree is another way to tell if a tree is dead. Fungus growth on your tree indicates that the tree itself is rotting from the inside.

How to Tell if a Pine Tree is Dead

One of the most common trees in Washington State is the pine tree. As pine trees are abundant in most Washington landscapes, it’s important to know if a pine tree is dead or beyond the point of saving so that it can be safely removed from your yard. Here are common indicators that a pine tree is dead:

Needle discoloration: if the pine needles are brown or lack their normal evergreen color, this is a pretty good indicator that your pine tree is dead.
Excessive needle loss: if your pine tree is dropping its needles excessively this is a sign that the tree is not in good condition and most likely dying.

What to Do if You Have a Dead Tree in Your Yard

If you have a dead tree in your yard it’s important to schedule a date to have it removed. Dead trees are not only an eyesore in your landscape, they also pose a threat to the surrounding structures and to the well-being of your family. If you need a tree removed or want a professional’s opinion on whether or not it is dead, you should schedule an appointment with your local tree removal service.

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