Keeping tree roots from growing back is one of the most annoying landscaping tasks a homeowner has. Getting tree roots under control takes diligent work and careful attention to detail.

Ready to get started? Continue reading to learn how to stop tree roots from growing back. 

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How to Stop Tree Roots from Growing

Roots Problems: How To Stop Tree Roots From Growing Back

How can you stop tree roots from growing back after you’ve cut them? This is a problem that many homeowners face following a pruning session where they believe they’ve rid themselves once and for all of the pesky invasive tree roots. 

Much to their surprise and chagrin, the invasive roots reemerge only a short time later leaving the homeowners frustrated and unsure what to do next.

So if you’re wondering how to block tree roots and prevent their regrowth, here are a couple of tips to get you started.

  1. If you’re removing sucker roots, dig down below the soil and cut the roots as close to the main tree root that they’re attached to as possible. This may prevent them from growing back if you’ve managed to cut all of the buds away. 
  2. Using an herbicide or growth inhibitor may slow or prevent the regrowth of invasive roots and is worth a try. 

What To Do If You Have Invasive Roots

While invasive roots are a very common problem for homeowners with even a postage stamp of landscape, knowing what to do if you have invasive roots is very difficult. 

Oftentimes the only solution to having invasive roots in your landscape is to have a trained arborist come and inspect them. After inspection, the arborist will inform you of the best way to solve the problem (more often than not the best solution is to have the entire invasive tree removed). 

There are sadly not many solutions available to homeowners for them to take care of an invasive root problem on their own. Rather than risk damage to your landscape or surrounding plants and trees, get in touch with a trusted arborist to take care of your invasive roots issue.

Contact a Root Control Company Today

If you are done with having invasive roots riddle your landscape, get in touch with a root control company today. 

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