It’s no secret that it’s been months since we’ve had rain… and a little sprinkle a couple weeks ago doesn’t count. Everything is wilting, dropping and drying up. So how do you know when to water your trees or how do you know how far gone they could be and should be removed?

How Does a Drought Affect Your Trees?

Just because you have big trees in your back yard doesn’t mean they’re invincible. It usually takes years of no water for large trees to dry up but it certainly doesn’t help that they go for months without a drop.

Different trees produce different symptoms depending on their water need. Some may be drooping, browning, thinning, or have yellow edges on the leaves or bark. Leaves can also get sun scorched and can even lead to serious infection. Needles on trees may also experience drought-related symptoms and brown toward the tips. For longer droughts, trees may even produce smaller leaves or fall off completely to reserve as much water for the trunk as possible.

Other Issues?

Not only does drought cause issues but other issues could sneak in because of it such as insect infestation and disease. If a tree is under stress, this is more common and although the tree may survive, it won’t look all that pretty. The root system could be affected as well and if you can’t tell, it may be time to call in a professional. Root loss can cause extreme risk to the tree and cause it to fall, topple, break or split, especially if we get some serious wind. If that happens, you may have no choice but to call a professional.

Don’t wait. If you have a tree you love that you are concerned about, give us a call. We want to make sure you can keep the tree and that the tree is fit enough to remain. We can also offer some tips and suggestions for saving the tree and helping it thrive. Of course, giving it a good watering can help and since we are not in a water shortage just yet, it might be a good idea to soak the ground around a few of your favorite trees. Remember, lack of water on fruit trees can make the fruit sourer so about once a week or so give those trees a good soak about a foot or so from the trunk.

Have some concerns for trees on your property? Give us call. We’d love to help!