Tree removal is a necessary part of the homeownership journey. Some trees need to be removed because they are inhibiting home function, others because they are obscuring the view from your house, or because they are a potential hazard. 

From the tree experts here at Lineage Tree Care, here’s a basic guide to tree removal and how much it can cost.


Tree Removal Cost


What is the Average Cost of Tree Removal?  

Tree removal services range from $200 all the way past $2,000. This range is influenced by many factors, including: 

  • Tree size
  • Removal complexity
  • The trees situation, where it’s located, and if there are other buildings near the tree
  • How much manpower is needed to remove the tree
  • What kind of equipment is needed (for example, aerial removal with a crane costs more than simply falling the tree)

On average, the standard, felled tree costs about $700 to bring down. 

Reasons To Have a Tree Removed

Here are several indicators that it’s time to have a tree removed from your property:

  • You have a dead tree in your landscape
  • You need to clear a view
  • The tree in question was recently damaged in a storm
  • The tree is damaging your house
  • The tree is affecting the practicality and functionality of your house
  • The tree is causing pest or rodent infestation to damage your house

Methods of Tree Removal

Here are several tree removal methods that we here at Lineage Tree Care perform:

  • Falling a tree: this is the fastest way to remove an unwanted tree from your landscape.
  • Climbing and sectioning: this involves having a skilled tree removal expert scale the tree and cut it down in organized sections.
  • Crane removal: this tree removal technique is reserved for trees that are in tight areas or those that are difficult to otherwise remove. A crane and ropes will be used to remove the tree correctly.

Working with Lineage Tree Care also ensures that your landscape will look as though nothing was touched. Our tree removal experts will ensure that all of the debris and aftermath of the removal are set straight and that there aren’t any signs of the tree being removed.

Tree Removal Service Near Me

If you are need of tree removal services, contact Lineage Tree Care today. We’d be more than happy to provide you with a visual assessment as well as a written estimate for your tree removal. 

Once we have determined what method of removing your tree will need and you are happy with your estimate, we will schedule a removal date for you to have your tree removed. Our team of professional tree removal specialists is focused on efficiency and quality services. We want to help homeowners feel truly thrilled about their landscapes by helping them optimize and beautify their outdoor space.

If you would like to have our team of tree removal experts come and perform a visual assessment of your tree, give us a call today. We’d be happy to provide you with a professional estimate and efficient tree removal services at an affordable price.