We’ve finally had a few nice days around the Pacific Northwest and it means people are getting out into their yards, breaking out the lawn more for the first time this year and looking into pruning and what to do with the trees. We’ve been seeing a lot of high activity with trees and because of that come some problems as well. Here are five of the most common tree problems and how to fix them.

#1. Pests.

Pests can be the number one thing that destroys a tree so if you see problems that could be pests from some of our most common bugs such as the mountain pine beetle or Eriophyid mites, or even it’s best eradicated as naturally as possible. Some of these pests shouldn’t be completely eradicated at all as they help our western Washington ecosystem. But, using a natural insecticide like Neem oil, it should help the tree and protect surrounding trees as well.

5 Common Problems with Trees and How to Fix Them

#2. Root restriction.

This occurs when a tree’s roots can’t grow any deeper into the soil. Because of this, the tree might not get enough water when it needs to and this can make the tree fragile and susceptible to uprooting and strong winds. Unfortunately fixing this is quite an ordeal. A large tree should have up to 1000 ft.² of the soil surface in order to reach maturity. Even small growing trees need at least 100 ft.² to be able to lead good lives. Planting trees to close together can quickly cause a root restriction.

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#3. Fire blight.

This is a common bacterial disease and it primarily affects fruit trees, however, just about any tree could be affected. This is where the tips of the branches concur creating a hook-like shape at the end. The best way to counteract this is by trimming and pruning any affected chutes or limbs but it also depends on the severity of the disease. Having a professional tree service analyze your tree may be the best option.

#4. Compacted soil.

If the soil around your tree is to compacted, it won’t allow routes to get where they need to go and similarly if the soil is too loose, a canoe road and wash away during a rainstorm. It’s important to aerate the soil around the tree to save as much of the roots as possible.

5 Common Problems with Trees and How to Fix Them

#5. Leaf scorch.

Leaf scorch can become a problem for many homeowners. It’s caused by bacteria spread by insects. This prevents the normal flow of water from the tree’s roots out to its leaves and can cause the leaves to brown or wilt. A natural insecticide should prevent any more damage.

If you’re concerned about any of these problems happening to your tree give us a call. We can assess any damage and make a suggestion for the best possible outcome for your property and your trees.

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