Tree Trimming & Pruning Service in Edmonds

At Lineage Tree Care, we take pride in being the best tree trimming company offering top-rated Edmonds tree trimming services. With our local tree trimming services, you can rest easy knowing that your property’s most beautiful plants are in the hands of professionals. 

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Tree Trimming vs. Tree Pruning – What’s The Difference?

Although many use the terms trimming and pruning interchangeably, these are two different services. 

Trimming trees clears away overgrowth that impedes buildings, utilities, the tree itself, or other plants. It can also cut overgrown trees down to size, clearing the area of risk and letting light and air through to allow the rest of the tree to thrive.

Meanwhile, tree pruning services perform precision shaping to get the most out of your landscape. Whether for aesthetic shapes, maintaining size, or promoting the health and productivity of the tree, detailed knowledge of tree varieties and pruning techniques is essential for good results.


Reasons for Trimming/Pruning a Tree in Edmonds

Trimming lets you avoid future hazards. Exposed or compromised portions of trees frequently drop branches or split in severe weather, endangering anything, or anyone, underneath. Trees cut off their own ailing portions to save the main body, leaving dead branches ready to fall at any time.

Pruning makes the most of your investment in landscaping. Trees grow wild and unruly without proper guidance. Before long, a beautifully designed natural area will start to look raggedy and produce fewer blooms or fruits.


The Advantages of Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning in Edmonds

Our Edmonds tree-trimming services offer numerous advantages.


Planting a Tree is Not Enough

Trees require care and attention to grow strong and healthy. Whether you are fostering a single tree or an urban forest, regular management ensures longevity and maximizes the benefits of nature’s gifts.


Trim for Safety, Prude for Health

When branches go out of control, they pose a risk to buildings and pathways. Trimming reduces dangerous tree conditions caused by dead limbs or overgrowth.

Pruning increases tree health and reduces diseases by allowing light and airflow through the tree and removing disease potential.


Enjoy Shade and Beauty for Years to Come

Proactively plan and budget for your leafy assets. Professional arborists study the biology of trees and how they affect nearby plants and structures. Regular care protects tree health and beauty long into the future.   


Cost of Tree-Trimming and Pruning Services in Edmonds

Tree trimming estimates vary depending on the size and scope of the project. Trees less than 30 feet typically cost less and range in the low hundreds, while trees up to 60 feet tall are roughly twice the cost. Large tree trimming for trees over 60 feet may cost up to $1,000 or more.


Why Choose Us? A Reliable Tree Trimming Services in Edmonds

You deserve the best tree trimming in Edmonds. At Lineage Tree Care, we provide unbeatable yet affordable tree trimming from certified arborists to ensure the health and beauty of your trees.

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