Find Expert Stump Grinding and Removal in Bothell

Do you need a stump removed? Maybe you’ve cut down a tree or done some trimming in the backyard but now there’s this ugly stump left over. Whether it’s a large tree that’s been there for a long time and just needs to be completely wiped away, or you just recently cut down a moderately sized tree and now there’s the ugly stump left over. Well, unless you’re going to carve that stump into a bear or mushroom, it’s time to get it out of there.

This is where we come in for Stump Grinding and Removal!

stump grinding and removal

Our stump grinder can handle all types of stump grinding jobs from large to small. It can fit through smaller openings to get into your backyard or we have certain tools that can tackle the job, regardless of where it is on your property.

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So why bother scheduling a tree stump removal service?

Well first off, tree stumps are not aesthetically pleasing. Like I said, unless you have got the chainsaw skills to turn that into a masterpiece, it’s really just an eyesore in your front or backyard. Also, others will see it as a nuisance and probably will wonder why you haven’t gotten rid of it yet.

It can also be dangerous for children and pets. While we adults may navigate around tree stumps fairly easily, it’s only a matter of time before kids trip over it, a pet runs into it, or something worse causing a serious injury. Slivers, bruises, and even more serious injuries can occur just by leaving a stump in your front or backyard.

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Did you know the tree stumps may lead to additional tree growth in the surrounding area? If you have a tree stump on your property you might notice little sprouts popping up around it. Well, that stump doesn’t want to go out without a fight. They can also be very difficult to eliminate overtime and you might end up spending more money to remove those sprouts that it would be just to remove the stump in the first place.

stump grinding and removal

They take up a lot of room and get in the way during lawn maintenance. There’s nothing fun about trying to maneuver the lawnmower around a large stump in the yard. This will take time, and trust me, it will be aggravating about the second time you have to mow the lawn around it. It also takes up a lot of extra room that you could be using in your yard.

If it’s time to get that stump out of there, give us a call for a free quote. Are you in Bothell or surrounding areas? We’d be happy to talk to you about the options you have and how we work to either remove the stump completely or grind it down so that you can use that land once again.

Images above by Robert Loeder & Mike Peel