Fall Pruning Expert in Mill Creek Washington

Fall Pruning Expert in Mill Creek Washington

We’ve talked about pruning in the fall and how that’s a no-no, but what if you have to? Well, that happens from time to time as in our most recent visit to Rob.

“Our HOA required us to trim our trees so they don’t grow taller than our house. We didn’t want to take the tree out but knew that topping the tree is not a good idea either. That’s when I called Lineage. They talked me through the options and we came up with a plan that worked for both our HOA and us. We didn’t want to lose the tree or have it look stupid and Lineage and their team did a great job.” Thanks! – Rob – Mill Creek

Thanks, Rob! Yes, there are options and when you have to prune or trim a tree in the fall it can be done but it should be done by a trained professional.

You see, when you prune in the fall, the tree is not quite dormant yet so any pruning while it’s not that cold out could result in new growth, which is the last thing you want in the fall. Winter pruning is usually better since the tree is totally dormant, but any major trimming in the fall only produces new growth, this is why it’s crucial to have someone that knows how to prune complete the job.

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And this is what we do! It’s not like we can just wait 3 months before taking on a job. By that time, your HOA may be handing out fines or you may end up with more damage due to a lame branch or faulty trunk.

Now, I’m not saying go out and prune your fruit trees right now, because of course, there’s no reason to do that right now. That can definitely wait, but the kind of calls we are getting now are due to wind damage, tree failure or sudden branch drop.  We’ve had so many weeks of dry weather that as soon as we get some rain, the ground is saturated, (especially after Saturday’s downpour) and this can make for some unstable tree trunks.

We’ve had several calls lately on trees and limbs that have fallen in the last wind and rain storm and if not taken care of, can lead to more damage to property and structures.

If you need to trim in the fall, make sure you have a professional do it. We make sure to aid to the fitness of the tree above all so you don’t have to worry about poor tree fitness or damage later on.

From fruit trees to massive redwoods, we trim and remove them all. Give us a call today for a quote on tree removal or tree trimming in Mill Creek Washington and surrounding areas.