Bothell Tree removal

The city of Bothell has its own regulations when it comes to tree removal, tree pruning and removal of hazardous trees. It’s important to note that some in northern parts of Bothell are not under the jurisdiction of the city limits and are part of Snohomish County so if you plan on removing a tree it’s important to call the city and talk to them about where you are located and what type of tree.

That being said, if you own a tree on a single-family lot and you want it removed, you can do that without any permits or regulations. However, in talking with the city planning commission they did mention a few tips to keep in mind. It’s important to notify the neighbors that you are removing a large tree. They’ve had a lot of people call the city asking about a permit because a neighbor is removing a tree. Simply by letting them know what’s going on, you can avoid all the unnecessary hassle and inquisitiveness.

If you are planning a development or subdivision there are regulations with their tree retention requirements. For a development currently, 10% of the trees need to be retained within a development. This means that 10% of all significant trees, which is a tree that is 8 inches in diameter or larger at breast height except for Cottonwood or Alders need to be retained. You add up all the diameters and preserve 10% of the trees. This could be one very large tree or could be multiple trees. The point is to retain as many trees as possible and keep them in clusters for better support. Now, it’s important to note that in mid-June, 2017, the planning commission is being approached by the tree retention department to increase this percentage to 15% or maybe even 20%. If you’re planning on clearcutting or creating a development and after June 2017, these details may have changed so it’s important to contact the city about any type of removal.

Now, if there is a tree with a green belt behind your house that could be hazardous or cause damage to your property or others if it should fall, then you can request it be removed or removing yourself once you have an evaluation by an arborist. If the arborist feels it needs to be removed then you can do so without a permit. It’s important to contact the city though and have proof of the arborist evaluation just in case.

So, if you’re planning on removing a tree, a stump, pruning, considering tree topping (which is not that good for a tree and if you click on the link you can find out why) or anything to do with tree care please contact us today.