Lynnwood Tree Removal

The city of Lynnwood is a little picky when it comes to their tree removal. Trees are an important function in this urban and natural environment. Know what they call heritage trees and there’s a tree sign that allows citizens to reserve grants and tree vouchers to purchase and plant trees and they now require a removal permit prior to any tree removal on all property including your own personal, single-family lots.
This is unusual as many cities in Snohomish County do not have or require permits but the city of Lynnwood does require a permit for any tree removal. The permit may be free, but you still might need to have one. It’s important to contact the public works department for regulations on what tree can be removed and if you need a permit and if you need to pay for it.
Lynnwood has what they call “Heritage Trees“. These heritage trees may be of special importance throughout the city. It is considered a heritage tree due to its age, size, unique type, or historical Association. It’s very unlikely that you have one of these trees in your backyard, but you never know, especially if you have recently moved to Lynnwood and purchased an older home.
Another unique feature that Lynnwood has is tree grants and vouchers. This tree voucher enables the holder to purchase trees and soil amendments free of cost from local participating Washington state nursery and landscaping Association affiliated nurseries. Click this city link to learn more about applicant responsibilities on a tree voucher.

Other than that, the city of Lynnwood doesn’t really care what you do on your own property but they do want to know about it. If you’re planning on topping a tree (which that’s a whole new ball of wax) or removing or pruning a tree, give us a call. We can usually tell you whether or not you’ll need a permit and how to go about getting one. We can perform all of your tree pruning, tree removal, clearcutting, stump removal and hedging anywhere within the city limits or outside the city limits of Lynnwood Washington