Marysville tree care services

There’s not a lot of rules in Marysville to removing trees. If it’s on your property, you can remove it. You don’t need a permit or permission, however, if the tree is on protected land, then we might have a problem. But for the most part, most homeowners and business owners have the right to remove a tree or trim a tree on their property.

What if it’s not on my property?

Then you probably shouldn’t be removing it! Well, kidding aside, if a tree is leaning on your property or it’s fallen on your property from someone else, then it gets a little tricky. You need to ask the other property owner if they are willing to do something about it. If not, I would venture to guess, that once it’s on your property, you have the right to remove it!

What about trimming?

That’s easy! But you don’t have time for it. Trimming and pruning is not so cut and dry -no pun intended. You have to know where to cut to give the tree the best possible chance of survival or fruit bearing.

Maybe you have tall hedges that need some serious manicuring. Now, we may not be Edward Scissorhands when it comes to designs, but we can make a pretty nice ball shape. Maybe you just need some order to those Azaleas or Evergreen Arborvitaes? We can do that! W can get those suckers back in line and make them look amazing!

Tree Topping?

Okay, hold it right there… didn’t you know that tree-topping is a bad idea? Okay, maybe you didn’t but now you do! It can really cause harm to a tree and unless it was previously done, we never recommend tree-topping. There are many other ways to trim and tree without lopping its head off. And you’ll be graced with a much stronger tree when it’s done correctly.