Woodinville tree care

Woodinville, that fine Vineyard city on Seattle’s Eastside, is home to thousands if not millions of trees, many of which may be on your property. So what you want to do? Remove it? The city of Woodinville has certain rules and regulations when it comes to tree removal within the city limits. Here’s what they say:

“A property owner may remove up to two healthy trees within a 12 month period or for healthy trees within a 24 month. With the tree removal permit.

There is no limit on the number of hazards, dead, or nuisance trees that may be removed; however, replanting may be required. An arborist report will be required if the tree removal is based on the nuisance or hazard criteria as specified in Woodinville municipal code and the condition is not easily observed.”

So, did you get all that? Basically, you do need a tree removal permit regardless of the reason for removing the tree even if it is on your own property. If the site does not meet the minimum tree credit requirement then a planting plan is required. A permit fee is also due at the time of issuance. If you’re planning on removing a tree on your own property give us a call and we can walk you through the regulations and requirements that you need.

Click here if you want a copy of the permit application in order to present to the city of Woodinville. If the tree is on someone else’s property or is on city property, you’ll need to call the city and talk about the regulations and circumstances behind removing that tree. Nevertheless, regardless of where the tree is, as long as you have permission, we can remove it.

Give us a call today. We do all stump grinding and removal, pruning and hedge trimming, tree care and removal and if we absolutely have to, we might top a tree.