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Here’s All You Need to Know About When to Prune Trees

The growing season is a stunning time of the year, but this beauty is often dependent on whether the gardener knows when to prune trees and shrubs. There’s much to consider when it comes to pruning trees, including whether to remove dead branches, how to deliver the proper pruning cuts, and whether leaving a stub is necessary. You also need to consider whether mature trees or large branches need tree trimming or more time to take advantage of the coming spring growth.

Knowing when to prune trees is also essential, as even large trees can be delicate. Pruning your tree branches in the wrong season or missing diseased branches, like Oak wilt, could severely hinder growth. If it’s a fruit tree, it may not produce up to its full potential without the proper care.

Read on for Lineage Tree Care’s expert tips for when to prune trees and to ensure proper growth for next season’s fruit, flowers, and shrubs. 

When is the Best Time to Prune Trees?

Most budding gardeners and landscapers believe that fall pruning is best, but this is not accurate for every type of tree or shrub. A more accurate guideline is to look for when the tree leaves have changed colors completely, and there is an obvious drop in temperature. When the flowers aren’t quite in bloom yet is the best time to prune trees, especially fruit trees.

In the cold months, the trees are dormant, and growth is slower. The low temperatures make it harder for the tree to take in nutrients from the soil and rain, and pruning can take place safely. However, pruning once the development has started, even if it’s early, limits the bloom’s potential for the following season. 

When to Prune Apple Trees

Fruit trees need careful pruning to keep up with annual care. It’s best to prune these trees during the winter months, but spring and summer pruning will be possible for some species, including apple trees.

Pruning is vital for apple trees to open the tree canopy to sunlight and air, promoting fruit production. It’s also essential to do this annually during the dormant period, especially early in the tree’s life cycle when it relies heavily on the growth season for replenishment. One consequence of poor pruning for apple trees is “alternate bearing,” when one year’s harvest is fruitful and the next fails. 

While the best time to prune apple trees is late in the winter, you want to avoid pruning during the fall season. It could stimulate new growth while the tree is preparing for winter and lead to cold damage to the tree. 

When to Prune Peach Trees

Pruning peach trees should occur in the early spring before the tree’s sap begins to run outwards from the branch collar. Pruning toward the end of winter increases the cold hardiness of the peach tree and reduces the likelihood of summer pest infestation. Early spring pruning is also accessible on the hard, cold ground and easier to see without foliage.

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