Need to Get a Few Trees Trimmed?

Are you around the Woodinville Washington area?

Tree Trimming Service in Woodinville

Lineage Tree Care is your local expert that not only handles all tree trimming and pruning, but tree removal, stump removal, and stump grinding. We ONLY work with trees and their needs and clean up. WE ARE NOT A LANDSCAPER.

Sure! There are landscapers that deal with tree trimming and there are tree professionals that deal with landscaping… but neither may be an expert at either.

We care for trees. That’s it! So you know you’re getting a professional and an expert when you need any type of service on your trees.

If you live in Woodinville there are some regulations when it comes to tree removal.

Currently, a property owner may remove up to two fit trees within a 12 month, as long as they have a tree removal permit. But that means fit trees. This doesn’t mean trees that are a hazard to neighbors, property, people, animals, or other structures. There is no limit on the number of hazardous, dead, or nuisance trees that may be removed but, Woodinville may require you to re-plant a tree in its place. – Read more on Woodinville Tree Removal Requirments

If you give us a call we can ask some questions to determine whether or not the tree needs to be replanted, removed completely, or if an arborist needs to verify that it’s a hazardous tree. More often than not, we can simply remove the tree, no questions asked.

But, if you’re planning on removing fit trees, either for restoring of view, building a structure, or any other reason, you will need to obtain a permit and the permit fee is due at the time of issuance.

If you’re unsure of whether or not the tree is a hazard or if it’s a fit tree, give us a call. We would be happy to go over the criteria with you and even come out for an estimate.

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