Tree Trimming Service in Redmond Washington

Tree Trimming Service in Redmond Washington

Lineage came out and did a thorough assessment before just whacking away at my trees. We talked about light, shade, and what would happen if we trimmed too much. We didn’t want to get rid of the tree altogether but we didn’t want it too damaged either. Lineage and their team worked conscienciously and methodically to make sure the tree was healthy but wasn’t touching our power lines or house anymore and they did it all without it looking like a poor hack job on the tree. The tree is still beautiful, we can enjoy it, but now it’s not a hazard for our house and the neighborhood. I’d call them again in a hear beat. – Rob T Redmond Washington

The last thing you want is to trim a tree only to make it worse. Trimming a tree too much or too often can cause weak branches with sudden branch drop or make the root system unstable. But many times, people don’t want to remove a tree altogether and they don’t want it looking ugly either.. understandable. So we come along and make sure that the tree is fit, and yet offer a trim that works for both the homeowner or property owner and the tree.

If you are a commercial property owner or private homeowner, and you need trees trimmed, pruned, removed or just made more fit with some careful cuts, give us a call. This is what we do.. this is ALL we do. We specialize in tree trimming, pruning, and removal. We have the means to remove and grind stumps as well but the primary job of Lineage Tree Care is removal and trimming.

Because this is our specialty, we know exactly how to trim it to keep the tree fit, the roots intact and your property looking trim and clean. I can’t stand driving around looking at awful pruning jobs where the tree is just thrashed and I know they’ve damaged the tree in the process. We carefully evaluate each tree to make sure the fitness remains and your job is done right.

Whether it’s removal limbs and branches from power lines, houses, barns or fences, or taking out a tree altogether that has just gotten out of hand, Contact Lineage Tree Care today. We are in the Redmond area and can help you with all your tree removal and pruning needs.

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