The city of Snohomish is pretty straightforward, simple and clear when it comes to removing trees: if you live in a single-family lot that is not large enough to subdivide, then prior city approval is not necessary to cut down a tree. For other circumstances, call the city prior to cutting the tree.

So, if you have a tree that is on your tickler property and there is no chance of it being subdivided or developed further, then, by all means, you can have the tree removed without a permit.

Now, this does not go for trees that might be in green belts or on other people’s property that is affecting your property. If you have an issue with a neighbor that has a tree on their property that could be hazardous to your property, then you need to talk about the consequences with that neighbor. For the love of God do not cut down someone else’s tree. This will cause more trouble than it’s ever worth and you’ll never be best friends without neighbor again.

Now, if you have a tree that in a Greenbelt area protected by the city but it’s hazardous or disease, then you need to talk to the city about having it removed. We can still remove it for you, but you may need approval through an arborist or an evaluation from our company in order to get it removed properly and then again, you may still not have to have a permit but you will need permission.

If you have any questions on removing trees or questions about pruning, hedge trimming, stump removal or grinding or heaven forbid, tree topping, call us at any time.