Redmond Tree Removal

Thinking of removing a tree on your property? What is on someone else’s property? Can you do that?

The city of Redmond has some specific things to say about tree removal even if it’s on your property.
If you have a dead tree on your property, which could mean it’s diseased or it’s now dangerous and could fall on your property or on your house, most arborists will suggest it be removed. If it is an imminent and dangerous threat (wow, that sounds scary) the tree should be removed immediately but the city does require that you get a tree cutting permit. Now, it doesn’t cost anything to get this but you do need to call the city planner at 425-556-2494 or you can email

You can also print out a tree removal application form on their website for free.

Now, I’ve had a lot of people in the Redmond area complain about this because if the trees on their property they feel that they should remove it if they want to. But it’s not about aesthetics to the city of Redmond. It’s more about potential water runoff problems for your property and everyone around you. (Isn’t that nice that they care about your neighbors)

Having a permit can also help you avoid accidentally cutting trees on public property. We certainly would want to do that and deal with a hefty fine.

What about a neighbors tree that is hanging over on your property?

This goes to the Washington state case law. In these instances, it’s a civil matter between the neighbors. The city can step in only when it is one of their trees that’s fallen onto a neighboring private property, not a neighbor’s tree falling onto your property. So you have to buck up and figure this out like adults.

Redmond is also big on replacing trees if possible. If you can, a replacement tree should conform to the minimum size standards but the choice is up to you (isn’t that nice) and you should determine how you want to enhance your landscape.

But, if you’re ready to remove a tree, you’ve got your permit in hand, you contacted an arborist, gave information on your firstborn (just kidding) give us a call. We are happy to come out and offer tree removal services, stump removal or stump grinding and talk to you about the dangers of tree topping.