Mill Creek Tree removal

Of all the cities in King and Snohomish County Mill Creek actually, has more to say about tree removal than any other. They have several pages on their city website talking about tree removal.
Mill Creek loves trees.

Of course, a lot of people love trees, I mean they contribute to the quality of life and are aesthetically pleasing to city landscapes, so I get that Mill Creek loves trees but they have a comprehensive plan that promotes the preservation of trees and a development code that has restrictions on removing trees.

Any development within the city limits has preservation plans that identify specific trees that must be preserved and offers property buffers where trees are to be retained.

Obviously, if a tree has some disease issue or is hazardous to other properties in the area, the owner can determine that the tree should be removed. All trees that are 6 inches or larger in diameter measured at the height of 4 1/2 feet require a tree removal permit prior to removal even if it is on your own property.

The city may also require the property owner to provide an arborist report to determine the health of the tree. (See, they really are serious about their trees)

All trees in critical area buffers including roadway buffers or property buffers also require a permit regardless of the size.

Mill Creek is serious about their trees and you should be too.

Click here to fill out the form to remove a tree in Mill Creek

Mill Creek even has an entire page talking about how to hire a tree removal company. I want to make sure that you plan your project, interview contractors, such as ourselves, check that we are registered, which we are, verify workers comp coverage, which we have up to date, and check the contractor using other resources. We can provide all of these things for you so if you’re looking to remove a tree in Mill Creek Washington please contact us today. We also do stump removal, clearcutting, trimming, pruning and don’t get me started on tree topping.