Lake Stevens Tree Care

Lake Stevens is a part of Snohomish County to the rules that apply to Snohomish County also apply to the city of Lake Stevens.

If you need to remove the tree on your property you can do so without any permits or regulations from the city. However, if you want to remove the tree that is not on your property and could be on someone else’s property or on city property, you must either contact the city or the property owner before doing anything. Okay, this is obviously common sense but, you would be surprised how many times I’ve arrived on site to find out that the tree to be removed is not actually on the homeowner’s property.

Trees that are in Native Growth Protection Areas or Critical Area Protection Area may not be cut down without prior approval from Snohomish County. If you are property owner that owns less than 2 acres, you can remove as much timber as you want to including the old cherry tree out back that keeps rotting and collecting pests. But, if you want to remove a tree that may be in a critical area or in a preservation area, you have to talk with the city first.

That being said, I can remove any type of tree regardless of its height or location. Topping a tree is something we don’t do. There are very rare cases where we would actually top a tree and that’s only because the tree has been topped previously. Topping a tree is one of the worst things you can do for a tree unless of course, you’re taking it down altogether.

If you just want us to live in a tree or remove some branches and limbs for your view or because they are causing hazardous issues to your roof or siding, that’s a different story. We do so according to tree preservationists and the arborists. We don’t want to harm the tree so simply cutting a limb off of the tree is something that should be done by a professional. You don’t want to damage the tree or cause disease or upset to the tree or route system itself.

If you live in the Lake Stevens Washington area and you’re looking for a tree removal service, contact Lineage Tree Care. We do more than tree service, we do care. (gosh, that sounds cheesy! but it’s the truth!)