Edmonds tree removal and care

Edmonds Washington – I don’t need to tell you where that is because if you found this page you probably live there. But if you were looking for tree removal in Edmonds – you definitely landed on the right page.

Oh, maybe pruning is what you needed? Stump removal? Clear cutting? Well, regardless, we do it all. If you are just trying to get that Spruce tree out of your neighbor’s yard or you need an expert to prune your fruit trees, we are your solution. And that’s all we do! We don’t do landscape. We know trees. And that’s important! Most landscapers don’t know trees and can damage a tree or your landscaping simply by not doing things right.

Although Edmonds does not have its own specific city requirements when it comes to tree removals, they are covered under the Snohomish County tree preservation requirements.

Here’s what this says about tree removal. Trees that are located in a native growth protection area or critical area protection area for a County approved landscaping plan may not be cut without prior approval from Snohomish County. If you own a property that’s less than 2 acres you may remove as much timber as you want, provided that the timber is not removed from a critical area. The timber or lumber must be used for personal use only. For any property owners that own over 2 acres or more, up to 5000 board feet of timber in a 12 month period, for personal use may be harvested from areas that are outside of the critical areas. If it’s over 5000 board feet of any cut timber leaves the site to be traded, bartered, or sold, a forest practice permit is required. [Source]

There are exceptions, however. If the tree is hazardous, dead or diseased it is necessary to remove that tree by a qualified arborist to alleviate any threat to a person or property. If you are removing trees for construction of property, you will need certain permits depending on whether you are in the admin city limits or in the county.

If you cut down a significant tree there could be a $5000 fine per occurrence. This is why it’s important to make sure that you can cut down a particular tree on your property and what area you actually live in.

I know this is a lot to take in but it’s important to contact the county or the city for specifics before removing any major trees. Also, you are welcome to give us a call and ask any questions about a particular tree or location as we are very familiar with the whole Puget Sound region and the requirements therein.