Arlington Tree Care

Did you know Arlington Washington is considered a “Tree City”? In 2003, Arlington Washington became a Tree City, which is given by the National Arbor Day Foundation Program, that requires US towns and cities the develop comprehensive urban and community forestry programs to have this designation. Urban and community forestry stretches all the way to the edge of our town and community containing street trees, open green spaces, and undeveloped forested areas.

In order for Arlington to become a tree city we had to establish a tree board (I know that sounds funny), created community forestry program, proclaim and celebrate Arbor Day (don’t we all?) And implement tree planting and care requirements throughout the city.

Because of this, Arlington has strict rules and regulations about tree removal and tree topping. If you’ve already looked at our tree topping page you know that we don’t encourage tree topping. It is usually the drastic removal or cutting back of large branches in mature trees that leave large, open wounds in the tree causing disease and decay. Topping a tree can cause immediate injury to the tree and may ultimately result in the death of the tree. There’s a big difference between tree topping and tree pruning. Tree pruning is an important part of caring for and protecting the health of the tree. Many people think that topping a tree will reduce storm damage and make the tree easier to maintain but they can regain their height in as fast as two years but may also have loosely attached chutes that can easily break during storm damage. It’s better to have your tree pruned and send by a professional, a.k.a. Lineage Tree Care.

If you’re simply having a tree removed on your property because it’s a hazard to the house or neighbors, you shouldn’t have to request a permit, however, it is best to contact the city of Arlington just to double check. There is a permit for “Forest practice” for clearing less than 10,000 ft.¬≤ and mitigation for significant tree removal. If you have several acres to be removed such as clearcutting, you’ll need to apply for a city building permit. They want to know about any significant trees that will be removed during the phase of the project, the number of trees to be replanted on-site if applicable or the number of trees to be replanted off-site.

For more information on tree care specifically for Arlington, Washington browse the Arlington, Washington official city website or browse the tree removal document here. Call us today to schedule your tree removal or any tree care services throughout Arlington Washington.

Image Credit SounderBruce