Tree Removal

Get this tree out of here! Yep, that’s what we do. And that’s all we do – work with trees. We don’t mow your yard, plant flowers or design a topiary. We deal exclusively with trees. And that’s a good thing! You don’t want your podiatrist working on your brain. You want a neurosurgeon. ¬†Okay, I know we are not talking about serious health issues with your body, but we are talking the flora and specializing in something means you know, that you know, that you KNOW that thing.

Well, we know TREES.

We also know how to safely remove them from literally ANY location.

When removing a tree, we know a variety of different ways to do it and to do it SAFELY! While we can always remove the smaller trees that need to come down, where we can truly shine is when we need to remove a large tree that is in close proximity to a house or structure. We have the ability to climb and carefully section down and remove these large trees, as well as the equipment to facilitate the cleanup and removal of all debris that comes with them. We also do all sorts of smaller removals. While we can do smaller hedges, the ones that our customers are generally looking to have done are very large and require a team of professionals, tall ladders, climbers, possibly a bucket truck.
Most of our clients have a tree that’s either too close to the house where the roots are getting in and causing foundation issues or a tree that’s a hazard in its location and needs some serious help. We LOVE tricky situations! Bring ’em on! We thrive on the fantastically challenging tree removal. AND there’s probably nothing we haven’t seen so if you think you can top taking out a tree between two building 12 inches apart or removing a tree growing in freeway overpass, let us know! We want to document that bad boy!
Bottom line, if you need to remove a tree, don’t risk hurting yourself, others or neighboring structures. Call us for a quote and let us do what we do best!