Stump Removal and Grinding

That stump… you know the one. It’s been sitting in your backyard forever! It just keeps getting uglier and rotting away ever so slowly. But you want a nice, clean, level yard! But that stump just sits there, taunting you. Laughing at you as you try to mow around it, grinding up bits of root and mushy bark every time.

Sure, the kids like to jump on it, run around it, play tag or use it as their base. But it’s an eyesore to you. You want it gone. You fantasize about a nice, level yard; an easy mowing experience free of mowing around that darn thing.

We want it gone too.

Let’s do it!

Call us today for a free quote on stump removal and grinding. Maybe you fell a couple trees and those stumps remain. You could use stump powder and wait a couple years, or get it done this weekend.