Proper Tree Care is a wise investment and administers peace of mind. Trees are wonders of nature that bestow life, beauty and value to any home when properly cared for. If not properly cared for however, they can withhold value and become stressful and worrisome to neighboring life forms. At Lineage Tree Care, we can help identify ways to maintain the health of living trees and provide a safe and practical process for removal when a tree has become a danger to its environment.

Tree Removals

Often, a tree that is near or encroaching a building, power lines etc, cannot be felled and must be climbed and carefully removed. Lineage Tree Care is equipped with an experienced crew of climbers and grounds men. We utilize our training and special rigging gear to climb carefully and section down these individual trees. Every Tree is a different approach and we take care to ensure the safety of surrounding trees and objects where necessary.

Tree Trimmin

Tree Trimming

There are many reasons to provide trimming to a living tree. Removing dead limbs will help maintain the general health, reduce stress to the trunk and prevents them from coming down unexpectedly. We also offer wind-sail reduction techniques to prepare for heavy wind storms. Often times it can be aesthetically pleasing to remove the first few limbs on a tree. This creates a cleaner look and provides more vertical space so that surrounding life forms can be appreciated.

View Clearing

View Clearing

With the beauty that the Puget Sound region has to offer, we can provide clearance that will make way for magnificent views such as the cascade and Olympic Mountains and many other works of nature that we have been blessed with.

storm clean up services

Storm Clean up

When disaster strikes we have the man power to strike back. We get you up and running again and restore your property to its original state. We can handle fallen trees of all sizes, downed limbs and the removal of widow makers.

Our Services Include

Tree Service, Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Stump Removal, Stump Grinding, Hedging

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