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Bees in a Tree Trunk

No, not snakes on a plane, but bees in a tree trunk. Yes, it happens and yes, they can ruin and kill the tree. They can also make the tree very unstable and susceptible to uprooting or toppling with the slightest storm. So, how do you know if you have bees in your...

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How Do I Know if a Tree is Dead?

Sometimes you can have a dead tree and not even know it! One of the best ways to find out if the tree is dead is what we call the scratch test. Beneath the dry, outer layer of the bark is called the cambium layer. If you scratch the tree's trunk you could see green...

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5 Tree Care Myths Debunked

We tend to believe what we hear and that's so true for social media these days but it can also be true for procedures that get passed down through the generations on tree care. Maybe your grandpa told you this was the way to do something or don't forget that....

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How Do I Know I Need Tree Removal?

If you're not too sure you need a tree removed on your property there are a few signs to let you know. Here are some of the most common reasons you'll need a tree removed from your property. #1. Dead wood. You might not be able to spot dead wood throughout the fall...

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How Does a Drought Affect Your Trees?

It's no secret that it's been months since we've had rain... and a little sprinkle a couple weeks ago doesn't count. Everything is wilting, dropping and drying up. So how do you know when to water your trees or how do you know how far gone they could be and should be...

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5 Common Tree Pruning Mistakes Homeowners Make

Trimming or pruning a tree doesn't seem that difficult but do it wrong and you could end up with an ugly looking tree or even a damaged tree. There are right and wrong ways to prune a tree if you just start clipping away and hacking at every branch you don't like, you...

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The Best Way to Deal with Storm Damaged Trees

Even though we're not quite into storm season yet, fall is right around the corner and we will be getting more and more windy days, cloudy days and eventually rainy, stormy days. So what happens if you have to deal with a storm damaged tree on your property? First,...

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Should You Protect Your Trees from the Sun?

A sunburn on a tree? Can that really happen? Surprisingly, it can. It's called Sunscald, and it happens when a tree gets too much exposure to sunlight. It can affect really any part of the tree including the bark, leaves, or any fruit the tree might bear. The bark is...

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5 Major Tree Care Mistakes Often Made on Public Property

This is not just to talk about trees on commercial property or public land but it can also happen on your own private property as well. These things are more likely to happen on commercial land because not as much care might be put into planning and proper planting of...

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