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Is it Too Early to Prune My Fruit Trees?

We've been getting a lot of calls lately about pruning fruit trees and when to start. We wrote a blog couple of months ago about the dangers of pruning in the fall and winter. Trees are starting to go dormant and when you prune them you encourage growth and you don't...

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Can I Use a Pressure Washer to Clean a Tree?

If you've never thought of doing this, this might seem like an odd question but surprisingly, I have seen people pressure washing huge tree trunks so it begs the question, is this a smart idea? We know that pressure washers are perfect for worn-out fences or sidewalks...

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10 Things to Do with Your Christmas Tree After Christmas

So, here we are. A couple days after Christmas. I know a few people that had all those decorations put away by 9 AM December 26. But if you're like me, I like to have it hang around at least another week. I mean we just built all this up for over a month, I don't want...

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4 Myths About Tree Care

It's amazing how myths and legends get started, and how we tend to believe them, especially if they are passed on from one person to another. It seems like it's the gospel truth when we hear someone say something and then as long as we hear someone else say it, it...

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This Tree Just Keeps Coming Back!

"We have some type of Willow in the backyard that continues to grow all the time. We cut it down three times and it just keeps growing. It has literally grown into a full-size tree three times. At first, I would take clippings off of the lands and use them as tomatoes...

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How Do I Know When to Remove a Stump?

You that stump in your backyard for a long time, haven't you? Or, maybe you just moved in and now that stump is an eyesore. Perhaps you had a tree removed years ago and it's left a stamp that was once kind of an attractive yard piece but now it's starting to decay and...

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Oh No! I Left My Palm or Lemon Tree Out in the Frost!

Brrrrr... it's mighty cold these mornings. I woke up to 30° this morning! That's cold for around here. Now, I know we're not Michigan or North Dakota where it gets 20 below, but we like our mild temperatures around here and for the Pacific Northwest, if we see frost,...

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How to Tell When Your Fir Tree is Dying

Fir trees less than impressive a long time, several decades but, if one begins to die will immediately become a problem. We have a lot of fir, alder, hemlock and cedar around the Pacific Northwest and fir trees seem to be one of the more popular ones that people might...

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Can Trees Touch Power Lines?

Trees and power lines; normally they don't go together but we see them together all the time so a common question that we seem to get is can trees touch the power lines? There's more than a simple yes or no answer to this question. It depends on the type of wire, how...

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